My parents and I immigrated to Miami, FL from La Habana, Cuba in 1995 through a family petition. Throughout my adulthood, I wrestled with the fact that Cubans have a privileged status within the US immigration system. This understanding took shape in the context of generational stories of persecution, of concerns regarding family members’ attempts at crossing the MX/US border, and of the uncertainty after Obama’s decision in January 2017 regarding immigration from Cuba. Though my parents and extended family have remained in south Florida, I've left that home and have found a new one here in San Antonio, TX. Now, as I grow into this new role of therapist, I bring my cuban, queer, and neurodivergent experiences with me. 

Degrees and Credentials
  • License: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
  • Additional Credentials: Masters in Psychology
  • Master's Degree
Specialties and Expertise
  • Youth and Families, Relationships, LGBTQIA+, Community Care, Domestic Violence, Adoption, Couples Therapy, Children
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
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  • English, Spanish
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  • 408-837-2742
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  • Cash, Checks
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