Injustice demands healing that restores some sense of justice

Our Five Guiding Principles


We acknowledge that our Latinx community is beautifully diverse and rich with culture, language and identity, and we choose to celebrate and honor it. To be Latinx and love all of ourselves means to be pro-black, pro-woman, pro-queer, pro-trans, pro-working class, pro-differently-abled, pro-indigenous, and pro-immigrant. We commit to providing culturally-grounded care.


We believe that healing justice is as much about our right to wellbeing as it is about building power and honor the cultural practices that have enabled our communities to overcome oppression and build resilience for generations. Our ancestral lineages have survived centuries of attempted erasure, confinement, and redefinition. We are our ancestors’ continued presence. We believe in our community’s right and ability to heal.


Dismantling systems of oppression is integral to building a world in which we all feel free and can fully live in our purpose individually and collectively. We commit to strengthening social justice movements, particularly organizations on the frontlines of the struggle for dignity, wellbeing, and freedom for migrant peoples. Our work is focused on assisting in the healing process and resilience building of immigrant rights leaders, organizers, and activists as a critical part of collective liberation.


We recognize that systemic oppression limits our autonomy. We respect each individual’s right to make the best choices about their care. We believe the individuals are the authors and arbiters of their own recovery. Therapy is a labor of love and collaboration honoring agency, self-determination and safety.


We are committed to transforming the practice of mental health care in our work with individuals. We recognize that the health and mental care systems have and continue to inflict harm on our Latinx communities by reinforcing racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, and transphobia. Politicized care involves taking the time to understand that the fundamental injustice that an individual has gone through is critical and demands healing that restores some sense of justice.

What We Do

Mental Health Education

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Support in the resiliency of the migrant rights movement and its  leadership through mental health education and emotional support.

Community Healing

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Build the consciousness of Latinx Therapists about issues of criminalization, incarceration and migration.

Conscious Solidarity

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Stand in solidarity with the migrant rights movement to end criminalization, detention and deportation.

Mental Health Directory

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Build and provide a directory of Latinx Therapists as a resource.

We are NOT a service provider.  The directory is meant to be only a resource for all those who identify as Latinx or have ancestral roots in Latin America and anyone engaged in advancing the human rights and dignity of Latinx migrant communities across the United States. This directory is a list of mental health professionals and not a recommendation or guarantee of quality service by LTAN.  We highly encourage everyone to research and consult directly with providers before beginning services with them to ensure it is a good fit.  

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